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At Qvalitas Compliance & Consultants we specialise in delivering quality projects in New Zealand and Australia as well as acting on behalf of multinational organizations, overseeing their operational processes in South East Asia (Vietnam, South Korea & the Philippines).

Our combined project experience includes geothermal & combined cycle power plants (construction, commissioning and QA/QC set up), process plant construction and maintenance (packaging and food processing), petrochemical and dairy plant, pressure vessels (design, fabrication and inspection), fuel storage tanks (design, fabrication and inspection), process and power piping (fabrication, installation and commissioning), gas plants as well as oil and gas refining facilities (Brownfield & Greenfield), road and rail bridges (fabrication and site construction), foot bridges (fabrication and site installation), offshore containers and structures (fabrication and on-shore certification), commercial and industrial buildings (airports, bridges, hospitals, structural steel, etc.). as well many other industrial projects.

QCC Markets & Industries


  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Refining
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Commercial Construction
  • Government Projects

How we do it

Qvalitas Compliance & Consultants have practical knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand building industry as well as most internationally recognized standards across many disciplines and applications.

Our collective expertise also enables Qvalitas Compliance & Consultants to adapt to any project specification in order to align with specific project requirements and the applicable local or international standards.

Quality Management Systems

  • Development & implementation of Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s), Quality Plans, Manufacturers Data Reports (MDR’s) and associated handover documentation
  • Non-Conformity Reports (NCR’s) and defect rectification management as well as practical completion monitoring and tracking
  • Operating & Maintenance Manual (O&M’s) review and assembly.
  • Risk Management & Compliance Advice
  • Internal and External Auditing set-up, maintenance and training
  • Gap Analysis
  • ISO 9001 certification advice and support
  • Validation and Verification of Quality processes; final project sign off, MDR’s review and approval, Inspection Release Certificates (IRC’s) others as required
  • Subcontractor/Contractor Capability Assessment and Evaluation
  • Green Star Practitioners

Engineering and Industrial Compliance

  • Industrial, Manufacturing & Welding Engineering
  • Welding Procedure Specification development (WPS’s, PQRs, WPQs)
  • Third-Party non-statutory Inspections, Vendor Surveillance and Technical Advice
  • Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, equipment specification, pipe stress analysis, FEA Analysis, PECPR “Pressure Equipment Code of Practice” compliance, inspections, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) management and Technical advice
  • Project Engineering (Scope development, Budget control, External engineering consulting management, Hazard analysis, Design Review, Site Construction Supervision, Project Closeout)
  • Shutdown support (Engineers, Inspectors, Advisors)
  • Project Operation and Maintenance
  • Greenfield and Brownfield project engineers
  • Witness of Testing and Commissioning Activities (Site & Factory)

Third Party Auditors & Expeditors

  • Technical documentation review and approval.
  • Lead Auditors and Expeditors for Quality Management Systems.
  • Lead Auditors and Expeditors for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Lead Auditors and Expeditors for Environmental Management Systems
  • Project & Vendor Surveillance (Engineering and Construction)
  • Australasian coverage

Health & Safety Management Systems

  • Design and Development of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Development of Safety Management Plans
  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Risk Management & Compliance Advice
  • Gap Analysis
  • Support and accreditation process management to achieve AS/NZS 4801 – ISO 45001 certification
  • Training (internal auditing, safety administration, documentation sign offs)
  • Validation and Verification of Safety processes (Territorial Authority, WorkSafe, others as required)
  • Subcontractor/Contractor Capability Assessment and Evaluation
  • Investigations

Building Compliance & Project Assurance

  • Document Management for Building Consents (BC), Code Compliance Certificate (CCC), Certificate of Public Use (CPU), Minor Variation and Formal Amendment 
  • Territorial Authority liaison
  • Construction Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Risk & Fire-Engineering (Third-Party non-statutory Inspections and Technical advice)
  • Subcontractor/Contractor Capability Assessment and Evaluation
  • Services installation & ITP’s sign-offs coordination
  • Commissioning support
  • Defect rectification management

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